Vegan Resources

Converting your lifestyle to one of love, compassion and consciousness is easier to do these days, now more than ever.

The mainstream perception that there is sacrifice is false, it's just a transition, an evolution to the real you.

Every living thing is connected, freedom for animals means freedom for you. 

Information and resources are to be found everywhere, you can find many simply by searching the internet. 

Below are lists of the best of the best. These are the essential leaders and friends in information and guides.

From the best movies and books for adults and children, to lifestyle guides for men and women covering health, nutrition, fashion, beauty and news to nutrition advice from athletes, everything you need to know. In addition, learn more and get directly involved and active with leading animal organizations in education, rescue,rehabilitation and spearheading legislation in animal rights.


Movies/Documentaries Health, Wellness, Lifestyle Guides Activism Guide and Materials                    , Compassion Works International                                         Companion Animal/Pet Cost Calculator                                                            Leading Animal Organizations                                                 
Animal Liberation                            
The China Study                            
Diet for a New America Finding Vegan Food App                                               
Book for Children                    Guide to vitamin supplementing                      , Compassion over Killing                            
Famous Historical Vegans ,-Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine                            
Leonardo Da Vinci History/Society                            
Albert Einstein , Reaching out for Animals                            
Gautama Budha                                
Mohandas Gandhi Vegan Quotes                              
Voltaire   Vegan Magazines                            
Leo Tolstoy                            
Nikola Tesla                            
George Bernard Shaw                            
Mary Shelley                            
Franz Kafka